Saturday, November 5, 2016

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Ae Dil Hain Mushkil revolves around the hip and happening crowd, the kind that the youth secretly aspire to be a part of. This is established through the movie as one watches affairs, indiscretions, flings, sharing rooms happening in the most casual way.
The movie explores the unexplored (at least in movies) in relationships, and seeks to establish that a girl and a boy can be 'just friends'.
The lead pair Anushka Sharma and Ranbir Kapoor happen to meet in a pub and bond quickly. They soon break up with their respective partners and get friendly with each other. They share a common for Bollywood 80s and 90s songs.This is manifested in the movie through various instances when they sing and dance to songs from old Hindi movies.
What keeps you interested and enraptured is the palpitating energy that the lead pair bring to their performance. You root for them...when they find an echo in each other...when they are comfortable saying everything and anything to one another, when Anushka makes Ranbir realize that he doesn't sing as well as he thinks he does. The movie spends a good hour establishing this bonhomie.
All's well till Ranbir falls for Anushka. Even before Ranbir could find if she reciprocates, we have Anushka's ex  (Fawad Khan) return.
Anushka looks beautiful and so does Ranbir...that is till Fawad appears on the scene...and does he look hot?! After having seen him in a prim and proper role in Khubsoorat, this look as a dapper  DJ was a revelation. He is gorgeous. Unfortunately, due to all the brouhaha over Pak actors and all that, his role seems to have been chopped down.
Fawad's reappearance makes Anushka realize that she still loves him. A heartbroken Ranbir takes solace in the arms of Aishwarys Rai, an Urdu poet in the movie. I have tried my best to understand this casting. Why Aishwarya? The only conclusion I came to, is just because Karan Johar (the director) seeks to break another one of the dictates of the society...that it is okay to go around with an older woman.The expressionless Aishwarya adds nothing to this meaty role. Wish we had someone like Vidya Balan here...the ultimate seductress!
Well, as it has to happen, Anushka and Ranbir return to each other ultimately. The story till now is fine.
But what are termed as tear-jerking moments in the movie etc etc...for me, were so funny! The momentum garnered by a well-put-together movie ended in a rather tepid denouement.
And something that doesn't end well, is just not well!
My rating, a 3/5.