Saturday, February 13, 2016

Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gadha

Nani's name in Telugu movies evokes a lot of expectation. I may need to tone it down a bit, I guess.
His latest release "Krishna gaadi veera prema gaadha" reinforces my belief.
The movie isn't bad, dull or boring, but just doesn't live up to the expectation from Nani's films.
The movie begins with a violent action scene and before you think this movie is about family feuds, you see the hero break into a song and dance. The context is anyone's guess.
In the next scene we have the hero-heroine romancing. Then there is the terrorist angle.
The director has tried a bit of this and a bit of that, comedy, action, romance...

Having said that, what's good in the movie?
1. Nani's energetic and convincing performance
2. The kids, especially the youngest, add to the cute factor and win our hearts
3. Murali Sharma's amazing comic timing. He is borrowed from Nani's previous film, where he had played a scientist. He was brilliant in his brief role. He is well-supported by Prithvi who is bettering himself at comedy with every film.
Sampath is good in the role of a fearless policemen.

And what's not all that great is the inability of the director to sew all these various story lines into a seamless whole. Even before you finish oohing and aahing about one aspect of the movie, you are thrown into the next. Had the director, Hanu Raghavapudi, not tried to add so many hues, the film would have had a great story.The film might still draw crowds but I am not sure that he has proved himself after his disastrous debut (Andaala Rakshasi).
Well, the story in brief is about Nani being  a coward and how he is unable to ask the heroine's brother for her hand, and therefore his love has to remain a secret. It is also about his transformation from a timid man, who when he realizes he is losing what he cherishes the most, turns into a lion to protect his woman.
The children are assigned to Nani's safekeeping when they get caught in the midst of a violent family feud. Their road journey is well-written. The kids, thank goodness, are like your normal kids unlike the super smart kids that we see in movies these days.
Nani seems to be moving towards commercial  movies unlike his previous selection of the more simple and true-to-life stories.
No great works in the cinematographic area. The songs look forced too. The movie is brilliant in parts . Go watch. You will not be bored.