Friday, December 19, 2014


When I saw PK trailers, I rated it a 4 on 10 in my mind. I was really not too inclined to watch it.Yet, I went with some hope generated by the intelligent, perfectionist Khan's earlier movies. After watching it I felt I could perhaps rate it even lower for all its pretentiousness.
The movie is based on the premises that religion divides. Amir Khan's character, PK, is an alien. He comes to Earth naked, both in body and mind but returns fully clothed.The movie's genuine moments of hilarity come from Aamir Khan's Chaplinesque behavior when he flees from different situations created due to a lacuna between the naivety of an alien and the human behavior. PK's seemingly utter disregard for fashion and wearing whatever he could lay his hands on was quite heartening to watch. How he acquires those clothes is truly funny. For a change, the hero doesn't mind showing the disparity in height between himself and the female lead. For all the simplicity of the character, Aamir couldn't resist jumping on to the bandwagon by going shirtless and showing off his abs
Anushka Sharma's character is a TV news reporter in search of a great story. She follows PK when he displays weird mannerisms but later sides with him to take the resposibilty of finding the stolen  'remote' that can beckon the space ship to take PK back to his own planet. Boman Irani (Anushka's boss), Sushant Singh shine in their brief appearances. The pairing of Sushant and Anushka Sharma  looks fresh, young and energetic. Unlike all other roles that he has been playing trying to pass himself as a hero, Sanjay Dutt fits in his brief role as a good-hearted rustic very well.
But where the movie seriously fails is in  its preachy tone in addressing this issue. The movie was so yawningly preachy that I found myself nodding off towards interval. Post interval it picks up some momentum, but then it does stretch. Of the 2 hours and 33 minutes, I believe, it is a good 2 hours too long.
The supposedly less intelligent hero Akshay Kumar's movie Oh My God did more justice to the topic than PK does. While OMG talked to the audience, PK talks down to them belittling their intelligence. It constantly rubs in the message that religion divides. Like OMG, this doesn't dare deny the existence of God. On the downside, this movie again shows the tolerance of Hindu religion as it gets picked on.Watch out for a surprise cameo at the end.
The movie lacks in content and ends up as a mix of Comedy Circus(weak humor) + Satyamev Jayathe stirred in the OMG bottle and served. Comparing to another movie from the AK stable, I'd rather watch a Peepli Live which was brilliant in its satire and intelligent humor.
The Khan name might attract the audience to the theaters, corroborated by the number of screens it is showing on, but I am not sure this will be sustained after the weekend.
PK reminds us of the moral science lessons of our school. Go watch if you miss those lessons.