Saturday, November 15, 2014

Eagle Boys Pizza

When I heard of a new pizza outlet which opened not too far from my home at Begumpet, I was excited. Not only because of the proximity to my home, the chance of tasting something new but also for the lucrative 1+1 offer. Usually I am apprehensive of trying any restaurant in the beginning weeks, but these three factors swayed my decision in favor of visiting the place.
I walked in to quite a spacious place to order my pizzas. I ordered one Mexicana and a much less priced Hawaiin one. I requested the lady at the counter to replace one topping from the Mexicana with another one. She asked me to pay 479/ for the two pizzas and a coke. When I asked for bill, she said that it would be given along with my order. Therefore you actually end up blindly paying without being able to have a look at the components of the bill.
After a wait of about 10-12 minutes, my orders were delivered. I dug into the Hawaiin one first as I like that and what hit my taste buds strongly was the taste of salt. It was salt all the way. I did something sacrilegious...adding sauce to my pizza. With every bite, I tried adding all the sauces they had including KETCHUP! But nothing toned down the saltiness of the pizza. I ate away, hungry as I was around 4 in the afternoon, wondering how soft the bread was. Only after the hunger pangs had subsided, did I notice the very frugal toppings. They were hardly 2-3 pieces per slice. Most of the time, I was chewing only bread. 

Hawaiin Pizza
The next I started on was the Mexicana pizza. Thankfully, this didn't have the kind of salt that the previous one had. When delivered to my table, I asked why the toppings were all confined to the centre and about an inch and half of space left all around with neither topping nor cheese. He says,"I dont know ma'm. I am only the cutter here." Sigh!

Veg Mexicana

As I chewed through, I realized slowly that I was chewing at a bread which tasted like, well, a bread! There was no fermentation/resting that seemed to have happened. I am no baker but it felt like freshly kneaded dough was used to make the pizza base. This perhaps ensured that the pizza didn't stiffen up even when frozen and re-heated. 

Once I was home, I had a look at the bill and found I was charged extra 25/- for the replaced topping! A first time for me, as all my previous experiences have told me that I'd be charged extra only if a topping was added and not replaced. And if this was the policy of the outlet, why was the customer not informed of it even before being billed for it?

As far as service is concerned, there were no welcoming smiles of a newly opened outlet, no one bothered to find out if I was ok with the tastes. The table was cleaned only on request. When the lady came to clean the table, she holds the glass I was using by inserting her fingers in it. Also, there was a heap of tissues lying beneath my table along with its holder. 
Already extremely uncomfortable with the whole experience, I was readying to go when the owner , who was casually passing by, paused to ask how the pizzas were. Upon my saying that they didnt meet my expectation and one of them was salty, he sat himself down opposite me and spoke about the issues he is having in running the place. That was a long-winded chat. My sympathies are with him but, I, as a customer, still left the place unhappy.
Doling out low quality pizzas, not going the extra mile to take care of and wrongly billing the customer will surely not help the pizza chain retain itself. I had thought that it had the courage to open beside three other pizza outlets but then my one-line conclusion for Eagle Boys is that it is no different. 


Raunak said...

Well Olives are much much more expensive than chilli so you can't really blame them for cutting down on their loss margin.