Thursday, September 18, 2014


Had been hearing of the Burger Feast at Deli9. Two things spurred  me to go try the burgers. One, the amazingly tempting pictures. Two, the fact that I never had an occasion to go to Deli9, unsure as I was about the cuisine and the ambiance.
I have given up on KFCs and Macs for a long time now and been searching for places that serve a good burger. Went to HRC (Hard Rock Cafe) after hearing great reviews of the burger there and found the burger good but not outstanding. This might be because I eat only vegetarian. Perhaps the meat ones are good.
Coming to Deli9, it is an outlet in the White House building on the SP Road at Begumpet. They have a couple of outlets more but I am not aware of their location. Moreover, this one is closer to my place. This is not too big, perhaps just a 50-seater. The ambiance inside is air-conditioned and good.
I had a look at the two menus, that of the feast and the regular one. The burgers on the feast menu were priced much higher than the ones on their regular one. The regular one costs 115/- but the one offered in feast costs 195/ . No discounts because of the feast either.
The feast menu had three offerings for the vegetarians and I ordered the one shown below. The picture is from their brochure as I didn't take any.
What I got was quite similar to the one in picture except that I also got some shredded greens and just three potato wedges unlike the six  shown in picture.
I am off-sugar and therefore didn't go for a dessert but asked for a salad. There were none that appealed to me on the menu and when I was pondering on what to order, I was suggested a Caesar salad, not on the menu. I agreed to it. The salad was priced at 125/- and came with a good portion size. The lettuce was crisp and had all the right condiments. Instead of containing the croutons within, it came with a side of dry bread. But the steward was quickly on my side asking if I would prefer a soft one. When I said a yes to it, the dry bread was replaced with a soft garlic bread which went excellently with the salad. But yeah, one slice isn't enough for the entire plate. I wish I had asked for a slice more.While the salad was great, it was a tad too sour for me. Perhaps the lemon juice or vinegar could be toned down? I had gobbled it down as I was hungry but then it left a sour taste on the teeth.
The next to come was the eagerly-awaited burger. I had requested the multi-grained bun to be replaced with the regular one as I didn't fancy going healthy while indulging myself.
After all those burgers from big chains, this was heaven! Loved to sink my teeth into this deliciously balanced burger. Right proportions of soft bun, crisp patty (made of potato and different vegetables), the tomato, lettuces and the sauces in every bite.
The downside? None. Perfect taste which didn't require adding anything. It was nicely complemented by the potato wedges and the shredded veggies. When they weren't enough to last the burger, I asked for more and was served immediately.
The salad together with the burger made a sufficient meal for one person.

Veggie 9 Burger
Th pluses are the ambiance, attention to the customer and great taste.
The sole minus was a slight delay in service but it was worth the wait so I didn't mind it.

The total of 320/- for a salad and a burger with taxes came to 423/- Was it value for money? Hmm, a yes and no. Considering that 200/ may not be too much to pay for one's meal but a burger costing 200, and was it like outstanding? Something that's really, really special? Not really. Maybe, I need to have a go at burgers on their regular menu to compare.
The place holds a lot of promise and I will definitely visit it again to taste the other fare on their menu.