Monday, January 20, 2014


Perhaps a bit too late to write a review about a movie released a week ago. But I had to.
Quality of Telugu movies has been so rapidly disintegrating that I was at the point of giving up on them. 'Nayak' was the last straw. A couple of movies before that, in which Mahesh babu acted, were also unabashedly brainless mass entertainers. Creativity has gone for a toss. All that producers are interested in, is whether they get profits.
In such scenario, Nenokkadine comes as a breather.What inspired me to watch the movie? One, I heard that it was different. Yeah, 'different' has also come to mean same old wine in new bottles. So I waited, watched and read reviews which said that it was a psycho-thriller. The fact that Brahmanandam was missing gave me a good reason to watch the movie.
Ok now for the movie itself. It is a never-before attempted venture by Mahesh babu who had comfortably slid into action movies after his 'Pokiri' was declared a huge hit. This movie is about how psychology  plays in one's life, blurring the line between reality and imagination. Mahesh babu grows up holding a revenge against three people who murder his parents right in front of his eyes. He is haunted by those memories and keeps planning their murder. The story keeps alternating between reality and imagination till all the three villains are killed. The message that a closure is needed to come to terms with life is sent across.There is a plot and it is good. Mahesh babu, as usual, gives a credible performance, handling action, emotion and romance with ease, added to which are his superb dancing skills.
Ok, now for the loopholes. While the plot was great, the director couldn't resist an item song, some humor (in the garb of the taxi driver), song and dance with the heroine. If the movie is for the intellectual audience, they don't need all these masala factors which distract them from the story. Sprucing these unnecessary details would have kept the script on leash. The heroine's role was not necessary at all. If she was there to act as an emotional anchor, she should have downplayed her role to act more sober and strong instead of breaking into sensual dances at the drop of a hat. Not to speak of her looks! Tall and broad-built, she doesn't really charm you. Also not much logic is involved in having a sardar taxi driver speak Telugu in London, either. How romance blossoms suddenly between the lead pair is also puzzling.
The movie may not come across as one of greatest must-watch ones but somewhere it rekindles a hope that there is creativity left in Telugu movies. Thanks for drawing me back to the theater.


Saritha said...

Awesome Review!! Loved every statement of yours and agree most of the points :)

Beautiful World said...

Thank you Saritha. Honored :)