Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tulip@Green Park: Buffet Breakfast

Had heard good reviews of the buffet breakfast at the Tulip restaurant at Green Park, Begumpet and had wanted to try it for long. Destiny took the shape of a food coupon that I had won for its 'Great Sunday Breakfast'. Excited to finally go there, we reached by 8.15 am as we were told that the timing was from 7 to 10 am. 7 am on a Sunday?! Who gets up at that time?! Anyway, made a special effort and we reached early as you know...'early bird...etc etc...' We were the second set of people to be there at that time. One quick glance at the spread didn't excite me. Seemed very limited. Then saw that there was the other side of the table too. The following was on the menu:

1. Three types of idlis: corn idli, peas idli, normal  idli. Could not really distinguish between the tastes.
2. Poori-aloo sabzi. Discovered later that the live counter also had palak poori and ajwain poori. We weren't told about it by the waiter.
3. Chocolate and plain corn flakes
4. Two varieties of cut fruits
5. Two kinds of tinned juices, (pineapple and orange) and one fresh juice of grapes. There was also something called milk shake which was nothing but diluted milkmaid. At least that's what it felt to my tongue.
6. Aloo paratha with Chole was horrible. The paratha was hard and thick and the chole  tasted as though  just boiled and browned.
7. Three choices of dosas: Masala, Plain and Pesarattu. Tasted the masala dosa which was ok.
8. Wada: one served with sambar separate and another dunked in sambar. The sanagapappu wada was the third one ( I though it is more of an evening snack)
9. Upma (ok), Poha (good),  Pongal (lifeless)
10. Chutneyes...all yuck...coconut, ginger, tomato, cabbage. There was so much garlic in the coconut chutney that it overpowered whatever it accompanied and thus I ended up having garlic idli and garlic dosa. Tomato looked as though it was boiled, pureed and displayed. Cabbage stank as raw cabbage usually does. Ginger chutney looked as though dug out of jars of ginger pickle made two year ago.

Overall, a disappointing buffet. Even when we had gone to a tiny town, Rourkela, we had had a wonderful breakfast containing a lavish and yummy spread. This buffet was not only limited in size but didn't have a soul. It looked like a robot had gone around setting up this mandatory number of items on the table.

One thing I didn't understand: when we walked into the buffet spread behind the main lobby, we were told that that buffet was only for the guests staying in the rooms and were escorted to a different restaurant which had diners from outside. Is there any difference in the spread?
Even after we were seated, we didn't find an enthusiastic waiter waiting upon us. The buffet with taxes came to Rs. 203/- When we were leaving we found people waiting to get in! Wonder how Tulips has this patronage!

My rating:
Food: 1.5/5
Ambience: 3/5. Washrooms, of course, were superbly maintained.
Service: 2.5/5
Will I go back there for breakfast? No! I have seem much much better spreads.