Monday, March 4, 2013

The music of silence

The world around me is silent.
as the noises of the day gradually fall silent 
as lights are dimmed one after another 
as the body and mind langurously unwind
as  the back relaxes at the support provided, finally, finally... 

A deep sigh of contentment
as the mind is quelled, after a string of maddening  chores
as the night deepens, the smallest noises enhanced
as  far away I hear a chirping, a cricket perhaps?   
as I sight the soft movements of shadows of night and dark 
as I breathe deep to hang on to these rare minutes of sanity
as I draw the sheets closer 
as I sink into a deep languid sleep


Anonymous said...

Great writing.. Forced to go back and recall Wordsworth or Tagore etc.. Try walking in a park near your home and see what comes to your mind.. Best wishes.

Beautiful World said...

Really?! Thanks!