Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ohri's @ Banjara Hills

Reviewing an Ohri's is as though one is trying to review the Chutney's. Both the restaurant chains are so well-known across Hyderabad that a review seems redundant!
Yet, the glaring difference between the two is consistency. Where Chutney's has a consistent taste across its branches, Ohri's is not so. The taste varies according to the location.  The cuisine isn't consistent either. Each Ohri restaurant has its own menu AND price. The quality varies too. If one were to have at Ohri's at any of the malls, one finds a much watered-down version of the taste (though not the price). I therefore steer clear of Ohri's at food courts at any of the malls/multiplexes.
I happened to visit the Ohri's at Banjara Hills. I had had their à la carte fare earlier and today I was in the mood for a buffet. I keep seeking the USP of a restaurant while writing its review. If a restaurant doesn't have its distinguishing feature, why would any one feel compelled to visit it again? Well, the Ohri's @ Banjara is clear about its USP, it truly offers a  huge spread: a feast for the glutton but wasted on small eaters like me. Given below a list of all that they offered on the day of my visit: a weekend.
It offers both veg and non veg. I have omitted the non-veg items but noticed that there were about six of those too.

Started with Veg Shorba

Shangai baby Corn
Banana Pakoda

Pasta Papaya Salad
Chilly cucumber
Tomato Chat

Main Course:
Pudina rice
Veg Biryani
Dondakayi kura
Dal Makhani
Jeera Aloo
Khumb Kadi
Shahi paneer
Bhindi Adraki
Sabzi hariyali

Macroni Alfredo
Vegetable Marinara

Veg in Soya Garlic Sauce
Veg Soft noodles

Chaat Counter:
Pani Puri
Papdi Chat
Dahi Puri

Curd Rice
Dahi Bhalla

Live Counter

Five kinds of sweets
Four kinds of ice creams

Get it? That's the spread! They have tried to cover a varied cuisine. I think it is difficult for anyone to eat so many items. The suggestion, therefore, so as not to waste food, is to help yourself to just one spoonful of each item were you to decide to taste everything. I couldn't do even that as I felt too stuffed eating slightly more than half the fare.
How was the quality of the food? It was quite good. None of the items can claim to be insipid. And in keeping with the norm of the restaurant requirements at Banjara Hills, they were mostly oil-less in preparation and also the masalas toned down a bit. I have no complaints about the quality of food.
The price for weekend is 395/- inclusive of all taxes. During weekdays, it is lesser.
The staff was quite courteous too. The restaurant being one of its older branches has not worked on its ambience for quite some time, and therefore though pleasant, well-lit with well-spaced tables, it wears a jaded look.
Will I go for their buffet again? No. That's because I want my buffet meal to consist of a variety of salads and appetizers, and concentrate  less on the number of  main dishes. The three nondescript salads were virtually non-existent for me. As for the appetizers, there was truly only one: the baby corn. The other one, banana pakoda, don't we prepare it at home frequently? So, whats special about it?
Eating so many sweets, however much of a sweet tooth one may have, does lead to a tumultuous tummy, doesn't it? And tell me truly, don't we have just one sweet at the end of a meal at home?
So, this restaurant is ruled out for a revisit for its buffet.
My favorites still are the BBQ Nation, à la Liberty and Bikanerwala...the last two being vegetarian restaurants.