Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sudigadu disappoints

Let me confess: I enjoy movies which elicit a hearty laugh and therefore I see (Allari) Naresh's movies. Seemingly brainless, we know how tough it is to conceive these ideas and execute it successfully.
One of such movies was the Hindi movie, "Khichidi" adapted from the TV series with the same name. It was a laugh riot and if you expect any sense out of it, you'd be greatly disappointed. Lovely movie, one that you can watch many times.
I haven't been watching Naresh's movies in a movie theater for a long time because his movies, despite being high on comedy quotient, seem to have become repetitive in content. I wait for them to be telecast on TV. Suidgadu had good reviews and that made me decide to go to the theater to watch it.
I was egged on by the fact that the movie was supposed to  be a spoof on the theatrics that the Telugu film heroes are famed for. It is exactly on this count that the movie disappoints.
None of our actors have the guts to take it on chin when being made fun of. They forget that imitation is the best form of flattery. There was also one open threat which said that if the director wasn't careful and made fun of their super star, the actor's fans would take care of him! How I wish the director had the gumption to take on more of the actors and made a better parody. There is so much potential in this theme!
The movie does have its high points though, but the laughter is provided more by the incidents which are not related to the actors. Like all other Naresh's movies, this one is also not a bore but doesn't really stand out.

ps: One must be an avid movie-goer to know which movie scene is being portrayed  or which actor is being impersonated or else there is not much  fun in watching  the movie.