Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hyderabad Weather

The monsoons find a different way to begin every year.
This year, it came a little late around second week of June, 2-3 showers, after which the ACs were turned off.
The summer this year was horribly hot compared to all the summers in Hyderabad.The entire country seems to have experienced the hottest summer this year. Yet, this year we didn't experience those hot humid phases that happen in the beginning of the monsoons. Once the rains started, the weather had turned cool.
And, what happened the last two days, Friday and Saturday, was really a bit too astonishing: it poured not just cats and dogs but I thought every conceivable animal was dropping from the heavy was the downpour!
I had gone shopping in the afternoon but scooted home when the skies relented a bit. Good that I did that because what started at 3 pm on Friday didn't relent till 3 pm on Saturday. 14.2 cms according to records!
Thankfully my family hadn't stepped out. Or else, we know what happens to the traffic in even moderate rainfall in Hyderabad. Vehicular traffic almost comes to a standstill and reaching home gets to be a nightmare.