Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A goat, a dog or...actually a bull!

Yesterday was a wonderful day as, coincidentally many of my acquaintances, some with whom I haven't been in regular touch, had called and we talked for quite a while.
Towards the evening one of them called to wish me on my birthday. I thanked him but told him it isn't today. Later in the evening, I had a call from an US number. This call I expect on my birthday, as an ex-student of mine who is currently in the US, calls every year to wish. The same kid had called and, yet again a correction. I told him it isn't today.
When I logged on to my mail, there was a mail from JobsStreet site wishing me. When I turned to my  Gmail, there was another message from another job site! I was as confused as the brahmin who was bewildered when thugs kept calling the goat that he was carrying on his shoulders, a dog. I started thinking that perhaps it was I who was wrong about my birthday, and actually clicked on the calender to check!
I wasn't. I grinned thinking of the double greetings that I'd get now.

In reality, I am not a goat or a dog but actually a bull...well, all Taureans are :) And like the well-known adage of a bull in a china shop, for my birthday, I wish I was actually left in a China shop and give vent to all pent-up feelings and break every item within. The bull does need to really give in to what he has been holding in for so long.
Once done, lie down  in a mud pool for a long time, in a lazy stupor, flicking an imaginary tail this way and that and once the body has cooled, be served a delicious meal after a clean bath and finally get presented with a spacious home with my own cozy corner to retire to...
Just the basic necessities of a Taurean, you see  :)