Saturday, February 11, 2012

A young adult

Yes, that's me :)...after the kind of books that I have read in the last ten days and the movie I saw yesterday.

Well, the book I read last week was "PS, I love you." The novel, a debut, by Cecelia Ahern.
This 512 page book is about the pain of a young widow, Holly, whose husband Gerry dies at 30 and about how she copes with this grief. Holly discovers that Gerry had left ten letters for her, to be opened over a period of ten months after his death, one each month. Holly had been devastated and these letters give her the strength to get on in life.
While reading the novel, I had a feeling it was for a 21 year old girl and I was proved right as I found that it had indeed been written by a 21 year old. Though well written, it drags in places and, there are flaws in the plot which come due to insufficient experience of life.

Next, was the book "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer, again a debut novel, a 433 page science fiction which I had picked up from my nephew's desk. This book is about the romance between a human and a vampire. While reading it, I felt as though I was reading the Red dragon in the Enid Blyton series ( people from my age will remember, perhaps, that in the Enid Blyton series, we were supposed to progress from the Blue to Green and then the Red dragon series). Reading the book felt exactly as though I was reading the Red dragon series of the Enid Blyton books, aimed at a 17 year old.
It's another story that both these debutants found their place in the world of movies as well.

Well, coming to movies, happened to see 'Ekk main aur ekk tu" yesterday, again a first day show with no peek at a review. Expected something from the unusual pairing of Kareena Kapoor and Imran Khan. (Reading a review would have been futile anyways as my most trusted critic, Rajeev Masand has been utterly biased to Kareena and gives his thumbs up to this one). Well, the story is about a 25 year old Imran and a 26 year Kareena. Bollywood has to have the lead pair stick to their 20s, you see. In most parts of the film though, the 32 year actress looks older than Imran who himself is 29 now. In the end of the movie, when she hugs him, she looks like his didi patting him saying 'there, there...don't worry things will be fine". We had a much more credible pairing (older woman-younger man) in  Ranbir Kapoor & Konkana in the movie, "Wake up Sid".
Karan Johar's movies have candy, heart-shaped balloons, flowers, pink ribbons and a plot. In this movie you have all the paraphernalia, without a plot!
While watching this movie, I felt it was aimed at the youngest of the young adults. The best audience for this film would be someone in the age group of Darsheel Safary. Surely, not more than a 1.5 (or a 2 for Imran's restrained acting) on 5 for this silly movie.

Well, that was my young-adult journey in the last ten days.