Monday, February 20, 2012


Happened to revisit Ijaazat (1987--Naseeruddin, Rekha, Anuradha Patel). Is there any dispute that this awesome movie made in my younger days finds no match since then? Where are those beautiful heroines, the powerhouse performances, the ethereal music(RD), the soulful lyrics(Gulzar) and most important, the rivetting screenplay?

In its place what we have are size 0-figures (need to examine very very closely to ascertain the gender), plastic faces and robotic expressions whose 'dancing' is nothing but jerking and shimmying in crazy convulsions to some loud loud beats; the movies--a vapid succession of fast food junk tailor-made to pander to those male actors' super massive egos and the story? must be mad to expect something as sane as that in this weird scenario!