Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Four years of blogging

My blog has completed its fourth year and embarking on its fifth.
The thought behind writing this blog was to chronicle the events from my life. There have been many instances, especially in the beginning, where I missed on writing about many special and beautiful moments of life.
Huge gaps in posts can be attributed to the hectic work schedules. The implication, by default, is that frequent posts mean less work at office :)
I didn't plan a theme for my blog as I had conceived this blog as an open diary. And life doesn't have a theme, does it? Apart from the very private moments which are too precious to be shared, I have chronicled many important happenings of my life for the last four years. Maybe a kind of narcissism; a wish to live on through my writings.
Since my last blog anniversary, the number of comments have increased (manageable number so far...would feel guilty if not replied to) I have more page visits. Page visits from across the globe. It feels awesome that there are people who read the thoughts and feelings expressed in my blog and relate to them. My thanks to all such people who have given my blog their time.
My personal friends and friends acquired through my blog have been encouraging me to write a book. I am truly thankful for their faith in me but the prospect of setting on such a mammoth task daunts me. Blogs are so much easier to write. A maximum of thousand words for those posts which I am passionate about or a shorter post for quickly putting my thoughts across. But maybe one day...


Vinod Ekbote said...

Congratulations. Looking forward to more posts on your blog esp on FOOD :)

Beautiful World said...

Thanks, Vinod.
Food posts seem to come naturally to a person who is so passionate about food. Will continue those and more. :)