Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Two books

Read two books, both interesting enough to allow me to complete in a week's time:

1. 'Honeymoon' by James Patterson  A 400-page fast-paced thriller which I completed in about 3 days. This was one of the books bought at the fair. I like Patterson's books but this book was a slight let-down with its flimsy plot

2. 'The White Tiger' by Aravind Adiga: I had been meaning to read this Booker for some time and finally was able to lay my hands on it. Took four days to complete this approx 280 page book.This is a dark and brooding novel (though not pessimistic) and portrays the true picture of the poor villagers in India. The story is told through the eyes of a villager who has that spark in him to turn into an entrepreneur. And the most striking feature of the novel is this: getting into the skin of the character to describe the way the world is seen through the narrator's eyes. For this, either the author must have lived in those villages or done a great deal of research to be able to give this perspective. Great book.

Good that I read this book which restored my faith in contemporary Indian writing. Had read 'The Suicide Banker' a while ago and had despaired...the book was more like a documentary on rural banking with some bizarre twists to the story and was such a yawn. It took me about three weeks to complete the thin volume.


Unknown said...


Have you seen my last comments?.. Here I am trying to give you link on Anthology of various short stories and books a good site for you to read more.. have a look at these 2 sites.. please do not miss any letters in the link if it does not show as blue or in a clickable form :

Happy reading and of course love your blogs very much so do keep writing.. Nice day

Beautiful World said...

Thank you very much for your encouraging comments. I will look into the links mentioned by you.

Unknown said...

Keep writing.. One or two comments in your other write ups are not seen yet.. Hope you received it.. You should now compile and write some short story books for children.. let them read it on a tablet PC unlike our times!! but good stories like Pathik and Makhan from Tagore storeis etc are the ones which are lacking these days..Anthology will surely give you some stimulants to venture into that.. All the best.. Jay

Beautiful World said...

I saw your earlier comments but as you had inadvertently typed your email id in them,I wasn't sure you are ok about making it public when I publish your comment.

Unknown said...

Well you are correct. Am happy that you have read them.. Thats all I wanted honestly. I will surely track your blog but do let me know if your books get published... Best wishes, Jay