Sunday, January 15, 2012


2012, the advent was on a rather sober note. It vastly differed from what I was used to all these years...spending time with family, celebrate together, or simply lying in front of TV.
This year I was away on a more serious occasion when all the family members gathered for the one-year ceremony of my FIL.
It felt funny to be in Vijayawada which is so unlike our Hyderabad. Even when you attempt to sleep early, the bursting of crackers and the joyous noises from celebrations do not allow you to. On the other hand, the new year was brought in so quietly in noises around. Even within the house, people were so tired with the rituals all day that they climbed into beds by around 11 pm  Spending time with the extended family also felt a bit strange as the siblings now had such vastly different styles of living, vast differences in thinking... Beneath the polite, superficial binding, I strived hard to reach out to that core which means reliability, trust and faith. All that eluded me. Well, this only strengthens my belief that each to his own in today's world.
To look back on 2011, career-wise, it was rather tepid with no great challenges in the new role. Especially after the challenging and super-tight schedules of last year.
Money-wise, I was reaping the benefits of the hard work put in last year, and hence was good.
Relationships...those that mean to me have stood by me and I thank God for those reliable ones.
Health, despite all my negligence, has been quite kind to me. Need to take greater care of the physique.
In 2012, I resolve to be optimistic of the outcome of my efforts and surge ahead with a strong belief that life can only get better.


RamaWish said...

Wish you a wonderful year ahead Subha! Wishing you health wealth, prosperity and much more! (edited :D )

Beautiful World said...

Thank you so much, Rama! Just having a friend like you can bring in oodles of cheer.
Wish you a wonderful 2012 too. Hope the year sees all your wishes fulfilled.