Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This picture of Wasim Akram recently in one of the newspapers took my breath away. Girls, this guy is still drool-worthy!
We girls, who grew up in the late 70s and through 80s, were not all that fortunate as we had no such heroes we could have a crush on. And so who did we have? Amitabh (hain!) Bachan, Mithun Chokroborthy, Shotgun, Jeetendra...You get the scene, right? That entire period we didn’t have ONE Bollywood hero we could drool over.
Luckily for us, the cricketer Imran Khan came by and had us girls swoon over his pictures in the sports mags and we ended up cutting and sticking his pics in our rooms. Post teens, I found amongst my contemporaries, all midget sized actors.
And when I had given up on watching a soothing visage, arrives the tall and handsome, Abhishek Bachan with Refugee and knocked me flat with his dark brooding eyes, left-handed gestures, the small crinkle of smile in his eyes, and a ‘bechara’ expression on his face.

Watch him as the intense lover in Refugee, watch him as the funny and naughty Bunty in Bunty aur Babli, as the oh-so-sexy brooding bad boy in Yuva, as the gay with the cutely effeminate characteristics in Dostana. Watch him in Paa as that bespectacled politician portraying a clean image playing father to his real life one. Watch him in all his talk shows/interviews and listen to his witty and intelligent repartees.  AND… and watch him mouth those now famous words “Get Idea!” I LOVE that Idea 3G ad where he says, “Chi! Kitne gande gande comments aa rahe hain!”
He brings back the same magic that the heart-breakingly handsome Garam Dharam & the handsome hunk Sunil Dutt had spun with a their looks ( an amazing mix of vulnerability and sheer masculine strength.)

Just as I write this, I hear he is going to be a papa himself. I wonder what’s going to be the product when a 6 footer handsome hunk cohabits with a piece of plastic.


RamaWish said...

i love AB Jr too.

Beautiful World said...

Welcome to the gang! I discovered lots of young women do! That includes me ;)