Monday, May 2, 2011

Man dheere dheere gaye re

Man dheere dheere gaye re, maloom nahi kyun...
Bin gaye raha nahi jaye re, maloom nahi kyun...

And if you think these are the romantic ramblings of a senile mind, you are as far from truth as the claims of AXE drawing the Miss/Mrs/Ms in droves. 
Then why do I keep humming this song today? And I ask you... why shouldn't I?
It  is said that it is not the big things of life that make us happy but the small-small things (choti-choti baatein).
There must be days when you experience a sense of deeeeep contentment...not a gleeful, rapturous, delirious, drum-beating kind of joy at having won the world-cup, but more like that of the pastoral musings of a cow as  she chews & re-chews the cud slowly, lazily, while flicking the flies with its tail from time to time. I feel like that cow today.
This is the list of things which gave me that feeling of ummmmmmmm...
  1. I could sleep in longer as it is a Sunday
  2. I was able to give my son his favorite breakfast
  3. The joy of hearing my scooty purr back to life albeit after a few juicy ones from the watchman to its underside.
  4. Finding that the week's supply of veggies cost me only Rs.120 this time!
  5. That my son offers to cook lunch for me. Gosh,what an awesome way to be treated!
  6. That I took a short nap after lunch
  7. That I could quickly whip up a lassi when my son asked for it
  8. That I succumbed to the wicked desires of the wicked tongue with some wicked snacking.
  9. That I sweated so much in the kitchen while preparing dinner that it made the bath that followed all the more worthwhile.
  10. That I could stand under the shower to my heart's content
  11. That I have a clean set of clothes to slip into after the bath.
  12. That I can rest this pristine body on cool sheets on a comfortable mattress at the end of the day.
  13. That I can type in all these words to share this feeling of  absolute beatitude and double my joy.
Isi liye...
Man dheere dheere gaye re, maloom nahi kyun...
Bin gaye raha nahi jaye re, maloom nahi kyun..

(Waise, this song is from a 1958 Hindi movie called 'Maalik')


RamaWish said...

:) Enjoy your moments!!!

Beautiful World said...

Thanks, Rama!I keep searching for and creating such moments to enjoy life :)