Saturday, February 5, 2011

Taj Tristar

I have been exploring restaurants especially vegetarian ones in quest of new tastes looking for that signature dish that would set it apart from the rest.

Funnily, the restaurants that I have been trying are far flung from my home and I haven’t really tried or explored many which are closer. So thought of trying Taj Tristar today. At the entrance to the restaurant, I was checked by one of the lady staff. After the scan she says, “Show me your bag (purse).” Everyone knows how irksome security checks can be. And when one meets a pleasant staff, the mandatory experience can be put up with. I asked the lady to add a ‘please’ to her request. Instead of taking the feedback, she retorts saying that she can say a please and still be rude in her request. I simply moved ahead after the security check not bothering to discuss.

Priced at Rs 300 for a weekend buffet, the vegetarian fare did not really do justice to the price. The spread was fairly good…four curries, a dal, biryani, Chinese stuff, desserts, two varieties of soups—clear spinach soup and tomato… (spinach was OKish but tomato was ughh!), two starters were good— cauliflower and vegetable gold coin; the Russian salad was tasty too. The biryani was mildly and pleasantly spiced. When I look for that one thing that’s different in the restaurant, it’s the dosa . After the starters, we were offered a dosa…a palak dosa. Later, I found out that there were an assortment of dosas but we weren’t told about it by the waiter. For those with a sweet tooth, there was the mandatory gulab jamun, rasgulla, banana souffle, khowa, halwa and ice-cream. It is quite evident that the restaurant is an old one with the furniture looking quite jaded. The staff though not impolite weren’t really all that outgoing or helpful.

Coming back to food…well nothing was bad in taste…there will be no regrets at having eaten here; yet nothing was so exceptionally good that it makes you visit again and again.

All-in all a 3/5 experience.