Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Making and Eating of Aloo paratha

As you make a cup of the dough , and fill the cup with a small ball of boiled and mashed aloo, let deft fingers take over and seal the edges making it like your ‘modakas’ made during ganesh pooja.
Quickly make a ball out of it and roll it out….as thin as possible. Put it on the waiting hot tawa. Turn it over. Wait for it to turn a little brown…smear some oil/ghee/dalda and then see it browning nicely, puffing in places. As you keep pressing with the spatula that you hold…it keeps puffing. Watch the brown spots getting fried in the small droplets of oil simmering around the paratha and turn a little black.
{If the paratha is just about seven inches across, it has more chances of puffing rather than the large ones…moreover it is of the right size to eat before the next hot one is on the way.}
Slide it on to your plate. Put a dollop of butter and some achar at the side. Tear the hot paratha with your hands, dip in the butter. Before the paratha gets a chance to melt the butter, quickly dip in the achar, roll it and put in your mouth. The combination of fried potato, achar and butter makes it so uuuuuuuuummmmmm ……..yummy!

Disclaimer: This post is not about giving a recipe or profess proficiency in preparing the (slurp! slurp!) aloo paratha