Saturday, February 6, 2010

Veggie Nook: Pizza point

Let's meet at pizza point
Photos: Nagara Gopal

Pizza time People enjoying a pizza meal at Pizza Point

T he tiny Pizza Point located in the basement of State Bank of India at Karkhana makes you feel sceptical of the possible quality of food on offer. The place has just about ten tables and a blaring TV in addition.
Everything from orders to the cash counter is managed by Pratap, the owner. The menu consists of 14 pizzas with different veg toppings. It also offers three kinds of sandwiches: veg grilled, cheese grilled and chilli cheese grilled sandwiches. The pizzas which are all six inches are priced between Rs. 70 to 90 and the sandwiches are offered at Rs. 30. An order for the Hot ‘n' Spicy Mexican priced at Rs. 80 brings you a pizza with onion, capsicum, cheese and chilli flakes. The chilli flakes are home-prepared and bring with it the taste of Indian dish. A generous topping of Mozzarella lends a uniquely delectable taste to the pizza. The Veg Exotica priced at Rs. 90 consists of jalapenos and olives in addition. An additional layer of cheese on top of this pizza makes it quite yummy. The Veg-Pineapple also has an abundance of cheese and onion with tiny pieces of pineapple on it. This is a slightly bland preparation.
The Hot ‘n' Spicy Mexican isn't really very hot — only spiced and can be safely had by the kids too. What's amazing is that every pizza has a unique taste to it. Equally amazing is the fact no spices are added to any of the pizzas. Despite this, just by adding different toppings, this outlet succeeds in lending a unique taste to every pizza that it offers. This tiny pizza outlet also surprises you with the offer of a great base, a centimetre in thickness — crisp and soft at the right places. There is no contention on the restaurateur's claim that every pizza is equally tasty.

No less enticing are the sandwiches. The sandwiches are grilled grilled with plenty of butter, the edges sealed, and with every bite, the cheeses — again Mozzarella spill out .
The restaurant runs from 4 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. The small pizzas give you the advantage of choosing more than one kind of topping. Two people can share four pizzas easily. Special Jain preparation with only capsicum, tomato and cheese topping is also prepared.
Though no parking space is specifically marked, yet the outlet does have plenty of parking space. A meal for two would cost around Rs. 400. Home delivery is offered within a 2 km radius.

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