Saturday, January 2, 2010

Veggie Nook: Shyam's

Started 3 years back, Shyam enjoys the status of being the sole caterer of pure vegetarian fare in the vicinity of Lingampally. The entrance to the hotel is not too inviting. Yet, once you step into the restaurant situated on the first floor, the ambience is quite pleasant with neatly laid out tables and chairs. The absence of an air-conditioned environment might be annoying in the summer though.
The restaurant claims to serve a multicuisine fare but actually specializes in North Indian food. Most in demand is the North Indian Thaali. Priced at Rs 50, it offers a range of dishes consisting of two curries, dal, chutney, curd, papad, six phulkas and rice. Every section of the menu has a wide range to choose from.
The soups ranging from Rs 35-40 have amongst them a forgettable taste in the tomato soup. Abundant use of color deters you from trying more. After the rather tame beginning, the tasty paneer Tikka comes as a pleasant surprise. There are just about 8 pieces to a plate. The paneer cut into one- inch square pieces are cooked in very little oil. Though not much masala is used to spice it up, it does carry its own distinctive taste—slightly sour, slightly pungent.
Amongst the main dishes ranging from Rs. 40 to Rs.100, the restaurant claims the Marwadi Veg as its specialization. It consists of very finely chopped carrots, cabbage, spinach and cauliflower cooked in gravy of cashew, watermelon seeds and poppy seeds. The gravy used in the preparation of all curries seems to carry the same taste.
The dum aloo kashmiri is quite enjoyable. The potato scooped out and stuffed with paneer is not cooked too soft and only one potato is served in a dish. The capsicum also served one to a dish, is stuffed with potato and masalas. Not using the normally used paneer to stuff it, lends it a quite a discernible taste
The rotis are priced as cheap as Rs 4 for a Phulka to Rs 25 for a Gobi paratha. Shyam is one of the few restaurants in the twin cities which offer you a phulka made of wheat flour and cooked on the coals. The puffed- up hot phulka is then offered to you after having it smeared with ghee. A must try!
Amongst the cool beverages, the lassi is quite filling as it has an abundance of lightly crushed dry fruits within. Shyam also offers Rajasthani fare of dal-bhati-churma on Sundays. To one’s surprise, the ubiquitous biryani is offered only on Saturdays and Sundays. Shyam draws its clientele mostly from the business class people around Lingampally
The restaurant timings are 11 am to 4 pm and again 7 pm to 11 pm. A meal for two is Rs 200. Ample parking space is available.

Plus: Judicious use of oil in preparation
Minus:  Small quantities per dish
Food: 3/5; Ambience: 3/5
Located near Balaji Jodhapur Sweet House, BHEL, Lingampally