Saturday, November 21, 2009

Veggie Nook: Bansuri

A taste of tiranga dosa


Photo:Nagara Gopal

Sumptuous fare The thali and ambience at Bansuri

(Rukmini Riviera)
Plus: South Indian fare
Minus: Crowded
Food: 3/5
Ambience: 2.5/5
Location: Beside Dwarka, Lakdi-ka-pul
A mongst the cluster of non-vegetarian joints found in and around Lakdi-ka-pul, Bansuri housed in Rukmini Riviera, finds a niche by catering a pure vegetarian fare. The 70-seater air-conditioned restaurant offers no music and makes no pretense of offering a great ambience. All that it offers is good food in a hygienic environment to its steady stream of customers.
The restaurant has a buffet breakfast offering a mix of South Indian and Continental. Idli, wada, cornflakes, fruits and fruit juices are the fixed items. In addition, you also find variants of dosas and upmas on offer everyday. Available from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m., the breakfast buffet is priced at Rs. 60. North Indian and South Indian thaalis are available from 11 am to 4 pm and 7 pm to 11 pm. South Indian tiffins and the inevitable Punjabi and Chinese dishes are available throughout the day.
The thali is a specialty here. The South Indian one priced at Rs. 83 has a dal mixed with a leafy vegetable, a vegetable fry, two wet curries, rasam, sambar, curd and a sweet. Rice items vary between lemon rice, pulihara and tomato rice on different days. Chapathi is also served. North Indian thali priced at Rs. 104 has rice, naan, three wet curries (of which one is a paneer item, the second is a pulse, and the third a vegetable), a dal, one flavored rice which varies everyday, curd and a sweet. The South Indian snacks, range from idlis priced at Rs. 20 for two to MLA dosas at Rs 45. Amongst these, Bansuri prides itself on its offer of the tiranga dosa. This dosa abides by it nomenclature by offering three colors (and flavours) in the same dosa. One-third of the dosa is smeared with spinach paste, a third has grated paneer and the third part has the distinct flavour of ginger. Served hot with an equally tasty sambar, coconut chutney and ginger chutney, this is a must try amongst the South Indian tiffins. This experience is incomplete if you come away without having the filter coffee here. Priced at Rs. 10, the hot brew carrying the aroma of freshly-ground coffee beans is heavenly!

Among the other items, rotis are priced between Rs. 12 to 25; rice items vary between Rs. 45- 90; curries Rs. 50-85; soups Rs. 35-45; starters Rs.75-80 and juice and milk shakes at around Rs.40. Tiffins and thali for two comes below Rs. 200; an order for the North Indian for two would come to about Rs. 400.
Despite the steady stream of customers, effort is made to ensure a clean restaurant and washroom. Seeing that the restaurant is situated just beside the road, one is apprehensive of parking space. Yet, it does offer a valet parking where the vehicles are parked in the ample space in the cellar.

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