Sunday, October 25, 2009

Veggie Nook: Vaishnav's

Simple food sans frills


Photo: Nagara Gopal

Traditional fare Vaishnav’s is popular for its simple Indian food

Sandwiched between Country Club and the Life Style building at Begumpet is a lane heading to the Vasihnav’s, a small restaurant which is almost lost amidst the general stores besides St. Francis College.
The 32-seater running from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. specialises in low-cost pure vegetarian North Indian food. Situated on the first floor, it has no air conditioning to offer and there is no ambience to speak of. It’s run more as a family affair with the presence of at least one of the members assuring customer delight. You definitely don’t go to the Vaishnav’s for a fine dining experience but just for the simple food that it offers. This is a favourite haunt of the employees from the surrounding IT companies and students from the neighbouring college. For all people who are rather dismissive of the possible variety in vegetarian food, the answer lies in the 80 vegetarian curries and ‘dals’ on offer in this restaurant. The price ranges from Rs. 30 to Rs. 70. And among the rice items, plain rice to Kashmiri ‘Pulao’ range from Rs. 18 to Rs. 65.
The Indian breads start with the ‘rotis’ priced at Rs. 4 to Rs. 35. What’s mind boggling is again the variety of stuffed ‘parathas’ on offer—ranging from the well-known ‘aloo paratha’ to chocolate ‘paratha’! Except the ‘naan’, all varieties of Indian bread are made of ‘atta’ (wheat flour). Amongst the must tries are aloo and gobi stuffed paratha.If you want the ‘pulao’ spicy, then the vegetable ‘pulao’ offered here is not for you. It has vegetables chopped, fried and mixed with mildly spiced rice. Served with a ‘raita’ of a thin consistency, this again is ample for two people.
The ‘thaali’ priced at just Rs. 40 offers ‘rotis’, rice, ‘dal’, two curries, curd, pickle, ‘sambar’ and ‘papad’. Sweet lassi, at Rs. 18 is quite thick and tasty. Starters are priced between Rs. 50 to 70 amongst which Paneer 65 is a speciality. One such dish of starters is easily sufficient for three. All dishes ordered carry enough food for two. The USP of the restaurant is the great variety of mildly spiced, ample quantities per dish and economically priced food. The bonus is that the already low priced dishes are also offered as half dishes with half quantities at half the price. It allows a person to eat without wasting. The service is pretty quick too. Moreover, dishes which the restaurant specialises in are marked in the menu to expedite a new diner’s order. A small variety in Chinese—Chinese noodles and rice is on offer.
A parking place to accommodate two-wheelers is available. The cars can be parked across the restaurant by the road-side in the vacant place. For two people, the fare would be less than Rs 150. Food is delivered free of cost within a one-km diameter.
Plus: Great variety, low cost, prompt service
Minus: Ambience could be a put-off
Food: 3/5; Ambience: 1/5
Located at Kundanbagh near St. Francis Women’s College

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