Sunday, October 11, 2009

Veggie Nook: Mango Spice

Just short of perfection


Watch out for discrepancies between menu descriptions and what’s actually presented

This is the experience of dining at Mango Spice—right menu, right ambience, right location, courteous staff, ample parking, but the food falls just short of that magic line which would enable it to be counted in the same league as one of the mo re upscale food joints.
Earlier known as Santosh Jubilee, the recently-renamed restaurant, open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., has four cuisines on offer – Italian, North Indian, Chinese and Mexican, all pure vegetarian. The exterior doesn’t give the impression of space but once you step in, you are led down the stairs into a vast mezzanine. The well-spaced solid wood tables and chairs are neatly arranged, with western music playing in the background, and the silent and alert waiters add to the fine dining experience.
The huge selection on the menu puts the diner in a quandary. The more palatable North Indian is recommended. Amongst the North Indian starters you have the yummy paneer sataa, consisting of sticks of fresh paneer lightly tossed with bell pepper, onion and condiments.
The baby naan, called so because of its size, is delectable as it is thin, soft and covered with grated paneer and butter. They also have a unique preparation called palak rice made of spinach paste, to which diced vegetables and cashew is added and served with accompanying gravy. This preparation carries a strong aroma of curry leaves. The mildly spiced corn makanhwala curry also is a specialty here and contains American corn, cashew and paneer in yellow gravy.
Amongst the Italian starters, chips and dips is worth a mention. Tortilla chips and foccaccia (Italian bread) are served with four varieties of dips: salsa, humus, crema di avocado and spicy jalapeno. Salsa is made of tomato, grated onion and sugar; crema di avocado is made of garlic, avocado and olives; spicy jalapeno has cheese, and humus is a paste of cooked chick peas, cream and olive oil.
Insalata Dello chef and Corleone amongst the Italian salads also fall under the category where they are good but fall just short of being excellent. It has all the right ingredients but it misses whatever is needed to give it that unique Italian taste. Pizza lovers will love all the pizzas listed, with their thin crust and a vast choice of toppings.
There is a discrepancy between the description in the menu and what’s actually presented. That’s something you need to watch out for.
Amongst the mocktails, Midnight Blue, a concoction of Sprite, sugar and lemon, comes with a sweet-sour taste. Killer is recommended for people who need their drink a little pungent. Made of green grapes, lemon and mint, you are hit with an overpowering smell of mint as you sip through.
The Italian food costs around Rs.1400 and the North Indian around Rs. 800 for two.
Mango Spice

Plus: Ambience and Hygiene
Minus: Over priced
Food: 3/5;
Ambience: 4/5
Located at Jubilee Hill check post, adjacent to Reebok

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