Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My day today

Second day in office today and  uneventful as my RM has not come yet. He said that he would be almost an hour about 12 or so. Till then, no work. Wore my new high heels today but packed them carefully in a bag first. Put in scooter dickey and changed after parking the scooter..dragging the shoes on the road will definitely put an end to their life. Haven’t worn heels since I became a teacher. Find it difficult to stand on them for too long. It was always platforms. Felt very awkward but very nice about the black and white shoes matching my black and white dress. Not easy wearing such high heels. I think it is best to just wear them daintily in a party...that’s all.
The travel was comparatively smoother today with just two jams at Sangeet and NTR statue which I think should be accepted as pretty normal…two signals at Sangeet and one at NTR. Took about 40 mins to reach office which is good.
On the second flyover people were dodging around a car. Curios, when I turned back to look at it, I saw a HUGE dent on the front of the car and two men standing dismayed at seeing it. I felt it served them right for being so careless in driving. Brand new car with the ribbons still in tact. I am sure they will not forget this lesson in a hurry. A dent at the back is still understandable that someone must have carelessly bumped into them.
Last night I was home by 6:50pm after having started here at around 6:15 or so. Not having slept the day before, I really wasn’t feeling up to doing anything. But was starved as I had a frugal lunch at office. So got very innovative and sliced the potatoes very thin and put them on the hot pan after smearing the pan with oil. Once they soften a bit…in 2 mins, removed them. I then smeared the bread with sandwich spread, put sliced tomatoes, sliced onions, and the potatoes, put another slice on top and roasted on the pan with very little oil. Was quite good for a change…like a grilled toast. Today I brought a kheera to go with it if I prepare it again.
I went for a restaurant review again..some Vaishnav’s at Begumpet. It was ok with a la carte coming to max 70 per head…like the Singh’s. Good food for that money. Quick bite no great dining experience …food is of lesser quality than Raj dhaba. That’s the whole review in two sentences. …got some food packed too.