Saturday, August 15, 2009

Veggie Nook: Annapurna

Fare for all


A tempting fare The ambience makes quite an impression; Veg ‘thali’ is very popular among foodies

Nallakunta finds many eminent training institutes for students and a large community of middle class people. This is the clientele that the four-year-old restaurant, Annapurna caters to. It prides itself on being the sole caterer of a multi-cuisine, pure-vegetarian fare in this locale. Located opposite Shankar Mutt, it’s easy to locate by the huge lettering in front. As you enter the restaurant on the first floor, you are escorted through a metal-detector, through the lobby and into a 100-seater. The decor, a wood and glass arrangement in traditional Indian style makes a pleasant impression. The artistic motifs on the ceiling and lamp shades add to the ambience. The soft ghazals playing in the back-ground also add to the mood. The restaurant is open from 7 am to 11 pm. The menu consists of South Indian, North Indian and Chinese cuisines. The thaali is served at lunch and dinner. The conventional South Indian tiffins are available throughout the day.
The tiffins are in high demand here. This finds its proof in the soft and fluffy idlis. The accompanying powder, known popularly as ‘gun-powder’, with its sharp taste is quite mouth-watering. The tiffins range from Rs. 25 for a plate of idli to Rs. 60 for special dosas.

The thaali priced at Rs. 105 has a good variety to offer with a soup, dal, five curries, butter naan , biryani, chutneys, rasam, sambar, curd, sweet and an ice-cream. The spicy aroma emanating from the Biryani is quite tempting and finds its match in its taste.
The Chinese and Indian entrĂ©es and main course range from Rs.100 to Rs.120. Amongst the starters, the Paneer Majestic is disappointing with its copious use of jeera. Even the Punjabi Kofta comes as a disappointment with its non-descript taste. The kofta consists of vegetables and paneer bound in maida and fried. These dumplings are then served with yellow gravy prepared of onion, tomato, butter and cashew. Perhaps what makes the curry so insipid is the overuse of vegetables—vegetables not only in the koftas but also in the gravy (chopped carrot, beans, potato in the gravy). Amongst the Indian breads, the stuffed paratha stands out. Different vegetables (mainly potato) are used judiciously to stuff the paratha and it is prepared with very little oil. A limited choice of desserts containing sweets and ice creams are on offer but this is offset by the variety of mocktails.
The Hawaiian mocktail, a creamy- yellow, thick and frothy blend of pineapple juice, orange juice, Angostura sauce, vanilla ice cream and mango ice cream with its dominant vanilla flavour is quite delectable. A meal for two would cost around Rs. 500.Ample parking space with valet parking is available.
Pluses: Ambience
Minuses: Overcharged fare
Food: 2.5/5;
Ambience: 3.5 /5
Located at: Nallakunta, near Shankar Mutt

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