Friday, August 28, 2009

The dumper, the dumpee and a movie review

Watched Kaminey last week. What movie and what performance by Shaihd Kapoor! I normally avoid watching those dark movies and those portraying violence but Rajiv Masand’s verdict of 4/5 compelled me.

From the bumbling 22 year old Shahid in ‘Isq Vishq’ to the sassy 28 year old of ‘Kaminey’—what transformation!

The promos of ‘Jab we Met’ showed him trying hard to hide the pain (of a very public dumping) from the media. But getting dumped proved to be the magic required to transform him into this success story…first ‘kismat connection’ which was an average hit and now Kaminey which has turned out to be a smashing hit. On the other hand, the ‘dumper’ Kareena had both her movies fail miserably…first ‘Tashan’ and now ‘Kambakht Ishq’. ‘Golmaal Returns’ saw moderate success.

Shahid’s rippling muscles and flying mane in the ‘Kaminey’ promos had actually turned me off. Have enough of those beefcakes in Bollywood. But saw that the lean-mean image was very necessary to the role. Looks like Shahid has turned Kaminey with a vengeance. Of course, the title doesn’t have much to do with the story line. The strength of the movie is that the twins’ roles actually looked as though portrayed by two different people…one, the common man with whom we identify so easily; the second, a man on the streets, a small-time con-man. One of the twins who lisps could actually have lisped better…but that’s just one minor flaw in the otherwise excellent story. I sat glued to my seat throughout the movie not wanting to miss one single scene. Am no fan of Priyanaka but her restrained performance does win a grudging appreciation. Her girl-next-door image was a relief to the eye too..

This movie is to be seen in the theatre and not on the small monitor.