Saturday, June 13, 2009

Talk of Coinicidence!

Sonny was supposed to come home in July and return to the US in September to complete his graduation in December 2009.
The drudgery of the Gas station job made him come home sooner. This decision was also abetted by the dread of the Swine Flu which was close on hand…having started in Mexico…
Whatever… I wanted him to come home to rest well after all the fatigue experienced in his job. Well, he did do so for 15 days when he got a call from a S/W co called Progress. It is surely a coincidence that the Co. is into major expansion plans in a couple of months and they needed a network Engineer to assist in their expansion plans. More of a coincidence that the person heading the Networking in the company was also passionate like sonny about Linux and the Co did have some systems that needed Linux installation. This is how sonny ended up getting an internship as a network engineer. Talk about coincidences…before coming home, he was wondering about what he should be doing in the 4 months that he was home…well, to think that the requirement should coincide with his time home…
Call it coincidence or God’s hand that guides us!