Saturday, March 28, 2009


More than a year has passed since I began writing this blog.
I remember the excitement of discovering Rourkela friends through Rourkela mates a year ago and my posting a lot on the mates...especially vividly I remembered posting about Ugadi and how it is celebrated…the Ugadi pachadi etc. I was so enthusiastic about it the last year...but this year there’s no mention of it in the mates...somehow inappropriate responses/ no responses have put them all off.
Well, I began this Ugadi by having an ordinary breakfast of bread and chips. This was followed by the conventional Ugadi Pachadi. I tasted it after offering it to God. The taste that first hit me was that there was less of salt in it...means life may not have that special zing this year...even otherwise my life has remained more or less a straight line for quite some time now...I still feel that even this is ok as long as I don’t get to experience those terrible lows in my life that I had earlier.
I listened to the "Panchanga Sravanam" which predicted that this year would be favorable though the Income, Expenditure ratio was predicted to be 2:8! It was also said that my lucky number would be 9... as tho I didn't know about it. The new year beginning on the 27th ( 2+7) itself augurs well for me. :)
Made 'pulagam' for lunch…offered it to God and ate it.
Later in the evening, I had a bath and wore new clothes…pink and white and prayed for a long time...later made 'payasam'...
This is how I celebrated Ugadi this year quite conventionally...though all alone.