Thursday, March 12, 2009

The story of Au Gratin

Well, in the last post I had written of the leisure that I was looking forward to.
The first day at home was Friday, 6th March. Sat, 7th & Sun 8th were spent cleaning the house with vigor.
Monday, I went out to explore some real estate options on son’s insistence.
Tuesday...all hell broke loose as a Taurean was forced to shed her space and socialize!
The morning was spent entertaining a doctor couple from the Army…enjoyed doing that...but that's it...I couldn't spend more time with people. But in the evening I was again forced to meet another person Mr. XXXX.
Well, I went to the Chilly's at Paradise, Secunderabad to meet him and wisely opted for Masala Pappad and Sweet Corn soup. But after that when I wanted to order for the safe Roti and Curry, this guy recommends Au Gratin!! He also wanted me to order Roti and Curry but the steward wisely asked us to wait, finish the Au Gratin and then order for the main dish.
First, having had a late lunch, I wasn’t in the mood of eating. Second, I am usually a bit skeptical of eating things untried but because this was such a strong recommendation, I thought why not have a go at it? The first spoonful was ok. Baked vegetable in a mayonnaise base sounded ok...but the 2nd, 3rd and the 4th spoonful turned more and more tumultuous inside the tummy. I finished my helping with great difficulty. But,Mr.XXXX, unmindful of my agitating stomach was holding forth on the taste of Au Gratin and insisting that he alone could finish the whole dish…I stopped myself from making faces with a great difficulty… yuck!
I had more than enough for the day especially after being told that all that white stuff was actually cheese! OMG! The thought of all that cheese sitting in my stomach made me feel all the more squeamish! A whole year’s quota of cheese had just slid into my tummy!
And as though this wasn’t enough, he insisted on a dessert! Took him to a Kulfi Wallah! I managed to have one but he ended with two and I had a feeling that he would perhaps have had another one if I weren’t around.
Topped all this stuff with paan. That’s the only thing he stopped with one helping.
This post is written days after it actually happened but even now, just the thought of all that white stuff causes a major churning in the stomach. Next time you hear the term Au Gratin, run from it and save your life!

Definition of!@#$%^&*Au Gratin: Covered with bread crumbs and sometimes butter and grated cheese, and then browned in an oven. Well, this wasn’t one of those ‘sometimes’, it was swathed in butter and cheese!!!