Monday, March 30, 2009

The easiest Indian breakfast to prepare

Well, I am back after spending 8 hectic days at my parents'.
After returning, there wasn't any South Indian tiffin like Dosa/Idli batter at home.
The quickest tiffin could only be Pongal(also called pulagam). The following is the recipe (for one):
Take 50 gms of rice and 50 gms of moong daal (the split one). Together they would comprise a cup. Wash it. Put some turmeric powder. Put around 500 ml of water and pressure cook well. On opening the pressure cooker, you will be greeted by a yellow, paste-like stuff. Nothing to worry here. While still hot, add salt. Scoop out into a bowl. Douse with ghee and slurp it up!!!
Its quite yummy,yummy, good for health and fast to make.