Saturday, March 14, 2009

Coffeez with Bajjiiz: A review

It was 4 in the afternoon. The cool evening beckoned me to step out.
I left home to go to Padmaraonagar and finished my work by 5:30. While returning, I wanted a bite. I had heard a few months ago that a new place had opened called "Coffeez with Bajjiiz"
What struck me was the very casual ambiance. It had thatched roof,cane chairs in places, sofas of logs tied together with a few cushions strewn around; a lot of modas of all shapes and sizes; long stones placed parallely and set on two vertical stones to act as some kind of a bench; tables are simply pieces of polished granite slabs placed on bricks roughly cemented together. On the surface, nothing seems to be in harmony but there wasn't one discordant cord in the whole arrangement. For me, this is perhaps our Hyderabad version of the famous Calcutta Coffee House. Never been to see it but in my imagination, it could be like this. The place has an aura of intellectualism. Much smaller though…just a 50x 30 place.
It is for people who want a quick bite after work. The crowd had people with laptops…either singly or with friends working together.
The only jarring note was the Bollywood music. Instrumental (Indian/Western) would have suited the ambiance better.
The menu card consists of around 50 kinds of tea, coffee, shakes & sodas. And one shop for all kinds of bajjiis. Well, the South Indian knows what's a `bajjii'. But for the others, a `bajji' is any vegetable dipped in besan( Chickpea flour)and deep fried. In that, they offer at least 5 varieties of what Hyderabad is famous for…the "mirchi bajji"
Difficult choice but went ahead and ordered a Vegetable bullet and a Butterscotch milkshake.
The serving time was 20 minutes…according to me a longish time but it was worth the wait as the vegetable bullets served were absolutely yummy! Hot, soft, crunchy and tasty with the right sauces…no gooey tasteless red and green stuff! Every bite just melted in the mouth!
The thin milkshake spoilt the fun though. Maybe I should have stuck to the various coffee/teas on the menu.
What was not necessary on the menu card was a tiny section offering biryani and curry…that ran contrary to the tone of the restaurant.
The bill fits your pocket very nicely too. Rs 85/- for my order today!
I would be a bit skeptical of recommending the restaurant/café to the tourist as I wouldn't be able to sell this idea of coffee and snacks as something unique and a must-try.
But to the localite, I would recommend it strongly...very cozy place...go alone if u want to work undisturbed or just with your companion!
It is situated above "Fresh" vegetable market in Padmaraonagar, Secunderabad.