Sunday, February 1, 2009

The team ends its tenure

What Satyam has done is leave me with lots of leisure...
The latest development is that most of the team has got offer letters from xxxxx. Not only that, they say that they have got hikes from 15 to 30 % !
I had initially turned down that offer but now I see myself getting jealous of people who got such offers. Even under normal circumstances Satyam would not have given those kind of offers...
And now I don't even know whether there will be appraisals or even if Satyam is going to be around next month or whether I will still have a job once it is going to be taken over. Every day we get to hear new names being floated around...Spice, L& T, Fidelity, iGate...ever heard of Fidelity? God knows what the company is going to be converted into and who will stay and who not...
The thoughts are mostly turning depressing tho I do try and put up a brave front.
Probably I will be going to office for this week only as the team will be reporting from the next week to Wipro.
My only option now is to wait till the next project comes or an offer from a new company. Hope the later happens as soon as possible.