Monday, February 23, 2009

The project closes down

Well, I worked till the team was with Satyam and had quite a hectic schedule on their last day with Satyam on the 11th February...what with handing over of documents to of the few remaining from the team...
We had a farewell lunch sponsored by the team who got good deals through this re batching happening with Wipro.
Did go to office on the following week too as we were supposed to hand over the office and the documents and officially close down the ODC.
Had a hectic week at home too..what with visiting my parents for two days the last week..came home, tidied things and had parents, bro & family at home for lunch on yesterday.
Today is Monday and FINALLY am free from work..both personal and official...
Slept well last night after many many days but woke up to hear that son isn't ok...he seemed down. I am Worried sick...
I AM looking forward to relaxing in the mind... don't know when it will happen?!