Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Satyam Projects-the inside story

Life drags its feet heavily.
What turmoil with the Satyam ship sinking heavily!
Change throws me off guard and such quick changes in the last few days!
7th January was when the disastrous news broke and it was like all hell had broken loose.
I was aghast...but hadn't realized then that that was only the beginning of a roller coaster ride of emotions.
What followed was utter chaos...what happened then is largely splashed in papers for all to see but what’s happening inside is another story...
The competing corporates claim not to be poaching but that's on...albeit surreptiously.
Our project was unique as the client himself proposed that the project along with the entire team be moved to a competitor! This was supposed to be their BCP!
We were given very few days to choose and making the choice was so difficult.
I opted to stay back and then the psychological games begun!
People asking why I had chosen to sail with a company that will drown any moment!
I was yo-yoing wildly unable to know whether I had made the right choice...
But what I am unprepared for is the depression that’s followed this whole chaos...
When my mind was so made up that I am gong to lose the entire team and had developed a sense of detachment, what I get to hear is that Satyam is now again trying to woo the client back!
For the last month or so I wasn’t feeling too comfortable about my role in my current project and wanted to ask for an enhancement of role when all this happened.
I was relieved thinking that I can take a break and then look for working in a new project when it comes... hoping that a new project would bring a change in responsibilities.
Something has changed and I am sure that if and when we continue working on the project, nothing is going to remain the same ever...those who opted to leave may be looked upon as pariahs...something has definitely broken and will not join again!