Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It seems only yesterday when I was looking forward with awe at the prospect of turn of the century. 2000 seemed something, when from childhood we used to sign the date as 19xx.
My memories of signing the date go back to my Class 1 when in the left margin of the page above the first line, I used to diagonally write the date and underline it. So used to do it from Class 1(earliest memories of school). It used to be 1-2-1969 for example. I used to think that I would be in my thirties in the 2000. This itself used to awe me…imagine being in your 30s…
But it’s already 9 years since 2000!
What did 2009 bring me?
Stepped into 2009…or rather limped into 2009 with a torn ligament on the left upper part of the left foot. It was on the 20th of December…well that’s another story to tell…on the 13th of January I still am limping all over.