Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Beautiful lady

I folded the newspaper and put it away to get down at the last station. As I happened to see about me, I saw a family of three women also getting up to get down at the station. They picked up their luggage-- each person holding a bag. The last to get up and try to pick up a bag too was a petite lady, perhaps just about 7-8 kgs in weight,all of 2 feet and around 2 years of age.She tried as best as she thought that the task couldn't be done...when she failed to lift the bag by its long strap, she changed the strategy..she tried putting the two handles together and renewed her efforts to pick up the bag.
This heart warming scene stole everyone's heart in the compartment. I couldn't resist but pick her up, cuddle her,hold her tight and plant a kiss on her cheek...
My day was made!