Monday, September 29, 2008

No U-Turn at Mayfair

I went to Mayfair opposite Anand Theater on SP road. After having finished my work there, I drove out of Mayfair. I needed to take a u-turn and go to Secunderabad station, park my vehicle there and catch the 2:00 pm MMTS local to office. When I tried to take the immediate u-turn, I was shooed away by the police who asked me to take the next turn. I kept driving knowing that I could now take a right and then a u-turn at the Circle. But when I sought to turn, I found myself against a barricade put up. I was stunned at this unexpected barrier and kept to the right of the road hoping to find some breech of road where I could take a u-turn. I went on and suddenly found myself nearing a flyover. What do I do now? Getting on to the flyover means at least another 1-1 1/2 kms. Desperate, I sought to do the unthinkable…take a u-turn on the flyover and go back...never have I done this before. Even when I was contemplating this daring step, I saw a rash motorcyclist getting too close to a car and getting knocked off on the road...going tumbling down...his helmet rolling away…probably he hadn’t fixed it properly. Seeing that, I was scared shitless and drove straight on… and reached Satyam City Center! I was aghast. I had reached from Mayfair to Begumpet in my endeavor to take a u-turn. Having no other option and knowing that I would miss my train if I now try to go back to Secunderbad, I drove on…asked the police about how to reach the Begumpet station & parked my vehicle there to board the train. I found that the parking rates at Begumpet were the highest amongst all the stations.
Having no other option, I waited there for an hour as the train was late by 25 minutes…wilting away with tiredness…cursing the Hyderabad roads. If the roads were clear, I could have easily gone back to Secunderabad station but as I was not sure of reaching on time through Hyderabad traffic, I chose to remain at Begumpet.
This is to caution everyone who seeks a u-turn at Mayfair.
In the evening I got down at Begumpet station dreading the traffic on my way back home. Surprisingly, I reached home at the same time from Begumpet as I would if I was going by train to Sitaphalmandi!
Later I realized that I had negotiated a long distance from Lingamaplli to Begumpet in 30 minutes flat..after which the train would normally get stuck and this little distance from Begumpwt to Secunderabad takes half hour. I reached home by 10:20 pm as though I had come by train. Drove from Begumpet to Secunderabad-Taranaka road in 10 mins flat…even with my slow driving…and got stuck on Secunderabad-Taranaka road. I reached home, slept at 1:30am and feel so sleepy in the office today.
For the first time, I have work but am unable to do ...7:30 pm now. I want to go home…yawn!