Thursday, April 3, 2008



My 33 year old friend is getting married and I need to attend this wedding. And now for the story before ‘happily ever-after.’ Well, this guy had fallen head over heels with a girl when he was in his twenties, hopelessly in love till she got married to someone else. Now he is friends with his ex’s husband !

Next one, this time more serious was three years ago. This time he fell with a thud as his GF refused to budge from the UK where she had gone to make a career. The higher you rise, the greater the fall!

Well, my friend wandered with a broken heart for more than a year …

And now he is getting married to a girl, 31, on the 18th of April.

And now for the ‘before’ part of the girl. She too had fallen with a thud out of a prolonged affair.

After these experiences, my friend and his bride have settled for an arranged marriage!

What’s really heart warming is to see these two getting on like fire… always on calls, chats and what not… well, love lives on hope too.


A colleague of mine, a girl, 29, is getting married on the 29th of April. The guy, also 29, said that he loves her but doesn’t want to marry! Turned out to be commitment-phobic! Ladki ne bahut saha then she said joote padenge..phir bhi usne nahi mani …then she said theek hain phir…get out of my life…then the guy comes running back and agrees to marry.

Ab parents ki baari hain…she is from UP and the guy is a Maharastrian. Pyar hua ikrara hua but the different states were the barrier. The parents had to be convinced now…after all this, she is getting married and flying to the US.

Pyaar me lakh thokre… phir bhi pyaar Zindabaad!


Well, this time it’s a 27 years old guy, an ex-trainee of mine…I was his faculty for 3 months and since then he follows me like Mary’s little lamb.

These people are from the lower middle class family …very conservative. This guy’s father is a Pujari in the temple and wants his future daughter- in- law to be from a Hindu Brahmin family. Apart from this, the ‘kundlis’ should match. This guy works in a call center now…very innocent seedha-saadha guy…doesn’t eye girls…says whatever my parents select is ok by me…the parents reject girl after girl…

2 years back, this guy comes to me and says shyly, “ Ma’m, parents have seen a girl for me. He shows the photo very enthusiastically…starts sharing his dream about her till this proposal fall through as their destinies via the kundlis didn’t match! He was less enthusiastic about the second match…then the third, fourth, fifth, sixth…till he gave up and said to his parents, “Fix whoever you want to …don’t ask me.”

Last week he came to me takes out a photo out of his pocket and says “Ma’m I am getting married to this girl”...a nice plump girl, 26, at least 60kgs in weight 5’2” height.

Well, who said marriages aren’t made in heaven?

So I am committed to attending these three weddings and behind those brides’ and grooms’ smiles is this BEFORE “HAPPILY EVER-AFTER’


Shweta said...


The title itself is thought-provoking.. Before "Happily Ever-After".. Great blog !!

Hope you remember me.. We met in train :-), came home and searched for your blog.. Lucky me !!

beautifulworld said...

Thank you for your message, Shweta.
Of course, I remember you. We met just a few hours ago!
I must admit I am bowled over by your enthusiasm...and your memory power too!
Why don't you start a blog too?

RamaWish said...

I read this blog only today.