Monday, March 24, 2008

A prisoner at home

It started on Friday. Suddenly amidst the heat of the blazing sun, started a downpour…lasting and unexpected.

The first showers of the year. It was exciting but the timing was wrong as I was just getting ready to go to a movie to kill boredom

This continued on Saturday. This time around I enjoyed the showers…it wasn’t just a shower but sheets of rain…nature unfurl its most furious...I stood in my balcony; arms stretched welcoming the rain inhaling the smell of the waters from the sky.

But by Sunday it all got a bit too much I guess. I want to go out and get some provisions for the home…the rain doesn’t stop. When it relents, I get dressed but by the time I get dressed, it starts all over again.

I need a hot cup of tea in this cold environment and there’s no tea powder at home.

It’s Hyderabad but it behaves as any other village during rains. During rains there is no power, the TV connection is disrupted and the internet is down.

It’s Monday and finally the skies have cleared. The three days of holidays just flew…I could do no shopping what with the incessant rain. The TV and the internet are back. Life returns.