Saturday, March 8, 2008

A hectic week

Well, the last week just whirred by!
On Sunday last, I locked the house and went to spend sometime at my mom's place. I couldn't take the deafening silence at home anymore.
I commuted to and fro to office from there.
The presence of people around gives a comforting feeling.
The house being closer to the office, I missed out on my regular train journeys for the entire week.
I returned on Thursday and was immediately caught up in an MDP training program on "Planning for Effectiveness and Efficiency". This was on Friday and Saturday. I have got so used to getting up at 10 am that getting up at 8 am was definitely a pain! The program itself can be rated a 7 on 10.
While returning from the training program, I was thinking that its been so long since I have actually worked from 9am to 6 pm--the regular office hours.
The week was quite hectic, yet seems so empty because I return to the same empty house and the same meaningless work at office.
I know that fulfillment comes from within and one cannot seek it outside oneself. Yet...
There was an upside to this too..had food at a 4-star restaurant the last two days.
There were exquisite 7-8 starters to begin our meal with. And 11-12 varieties of desserts at the end. I enjoyed both ends of the meal more than the middle (the main course)! And also met with people from different industries...from an NGO, from edible-oil manufacturing industry, from health care, banking and an MBA student too. Very interesting mix of different professions!