Friday, February 22, 2008

The world is beautiful

This is my first blog.
I want to share something that happened yesterday which confirms my belief that the world is beautiful.
I was looking for a transport to take me to the venue of the client visit. The auto that I came in dropped me a good 750 meters away from the office that I was to go to. This was a different building- not the usual one that I go to everyday. I was panicking as I was getting late to the meet. I have rarely done this but I thumbed down a taxi that was passing by.
The driver- a bearded one- didn't bother to stop. I wasn't surprised and kept walking. After 1-2 minutes, I saw that he was waiting for me ahead. He asked me where I had to go. I told him and also said that I wasn't familiar with the place. He asked me to get in. I got in with all the skepticism of a woman wondering if I had done the right thing by getting into a stranger's cab.
He not only gave me a lift but also dropped me to the gate of the building. I was relieved not to be late for the event.
A simple thank you was all that I gave him. He didn't ask for payment-simply dropped me and drove away. I felt that God sends his messengers to take care of his people and also to confirm our belief in his world.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure if you would accept comments on your first post itself , but I felt this is the place to check out and if one wants to send a message to the blog writer its the most apt place to write .

So yeah it was coincidence I was searching for a street name and all the blogs in the street name and I was shown lot of spam but yours came out of the blue and wow what a discovery !

Writing style deserves a 8.5 /10 :) the way life moments are captured is quite good and the fact that I never could come to that range of writing fills me with envy but felt I should definitely write to you .

PS: Feel free to delete and reply at my blog if you want to .

Beautiful World said...

Never replied this late to anyone, especially one who showers me with such overwhelming praise! :)
Life is great and we can find beauty in every corner. Once inspired, writing comes on its own. If I can write, so can you.