Thursday, February 28, 2008

Guilty eating

Today I ordered a Pizza for the evening snack. Before ordering, I checked when the last that I had ordered was. I found that it was 20 days ago. Was a 3-week gap ok before I ordered the next one, I wondered?
The hygienically prepared Pizza ordered from world-class Domino's today frightens me more than the golgappas/pani puris/puchkas prepared by the dirty hands of the golgappawalas in my childhood. I enjoyed every golgappa that went into the mouth …and to top it...20 were available for Re1! Never thought of how it would affect the health...just enjoyed the taste with an abundant pleasure.
When I eat the Pizza now…its like…am I eating it too frequently? How many calories am I consuming? Being careful not to order the extra cheese. A feeling of guilt with every mouthful and a regret at having ordered and eaten...a resolve of not eating at least for the next 2 months!
These days we people even don’t eat white bread…when we order a sandwich, we select the brown bread. The more we become health-conscious, the more we opt for health foods, the more we seem to be having health problems.
Did our elders ever have these worries? Food was eaten with a gay abundance earlier with no remorse. Diseases seem to be affecting the young these days. Unheard were BPs and sugar for a 20 year old earlier!


vHellmet said...

You write so much like me. Or should I say I write like you. The way sentences are formed, and the way ideas are put.

beautifulworld said...

Haha! Genes Sonny