Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pizza Xpress

A lazy weekend nap resulted in my waking up at 4.30 pm and…what do I eat at the time? I decided to combine the long pending chore at Padmaraonagar with eating at the Pizza Xpress about which I had been hearing for some time.
Well, it is situated near Walker Town park. Turn left from the park and you find it on your left...a tiny place with just about five tables. It is a vegetarian outlet and therefore I could eat there without any qualms.
The menu consisted of pizzas, pastas, burgers, nibbles, slushes and mocktails. I ordered for a combo meal of a pizza, cole slaw and a coke. I am a sucker for salads and was looking forward to the cole slaw but was told that it wasn’t available and instead I got another piece of garlic bread. The order took long to arrive. It was served with a Thosuand Island dip and Garlic Sauce dip. The sauces were both good enough and helped spike the taste. The bread itself was good and soft but the portion size was too tiny.

Garlic Bread
The pizza was 6" across and came with just two toppings within the combo meal. I asked them to add another for an additional sum of 10/- and together they made decent amount of toppings. The pizza, even without additional oregano or chilli flakes, had the right spiciness. They could perhaps work a little on the softness of bread. If I'd compare this outlet with Pizza Den at Paradise (as both have a similar set-up ), Pizza Den far surpasses in taste and quickness of service. The combo meal cost me Rs 200/- , quite a VFM I should say.

Small Pizza
The coke served was a very tepid, watered-down version of the original. Shared table seems to be common there and a couple of women seated beside me had left their pasta less than half-complete. This reflected on the taste of the pasta. 
Nothing much to speak about the ambiance, with some tables strewn around but what was very annoying was a cat which was meandering between tables and was a major distraction. 
So, my verdict of Pizza Xpress? If Pizza Den scores 4/5, then Pizza Xpress scores a 3/5. If you happen to be in the vicinity you can drop by for a quick bite but it surely isn't worth traveling far for the experience.