Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bombay Duck (Lila)

Bombay Duck (Lila) had re-launched its Indian menu and I was invited to their tasting session. Situated in a lane opposite to peddamma gudi in Jubilee Hills, it is housed in a 3-floored building, each floor having its own cuisine. Tall ceilings and glass walls render the ambiance very impressive. 
We were a group of 12 and this is a vegetarian's perspective of the experience. 
After the welcome drink, we had the Makai ka Shorba. This was superbly balanced in all its flavors: the right spiciness, thickness from the corn starch and the texture. An excellent start to the meal!

Makai kali mirch ka Shorba

The next were the starters. We had Paneer Mirch and Hara masala ka Bhoona Aloo. Paneer was marinated and grilled. Bhoona Aloo consisted of baby potatoes coated with spiced spinach paste and either baked or grilled. What goes in favor of the two were the spices surrounding the paneer and the aloo...the superbly soft paneer augmenting the experience. The drawback was that neither of the dishes absorbed the spices and after the first bite, they were rather bland. Perhaps, they weren't marinated long enough. 

Paneer kutti mirch & Hara masala ka Bhoona Aloo
The Dal Leela was one of the tastiest dals I have eaten. Superbly smooth and all right flavors...neither too spicy nor bland. My co-foodies expressed that it was not as creamy as the Dal Makhni that we experience in other restaurants. Perhaps, it wasn't slow-cooked and all, but for me, an amazing taste. Will blindly opt for it again.

Dal Leela

We had a couple of sabzis, one of them being the Ralli Milli Sabzi shown below. But really, it was difficult to distinguish one from the other. Both tasted similar and needed sharpening of flavors.

Ralli Milli sabzi

Vegetable Tawa Biryani had nice, long grains and just about ok in taste. The rice was flavorful, yet the right amount of gravy in its midst and some vegetables would have enhanced the experience.

Vegetable Tawa Biryani

The desserts were a big draw. Shahi Tukda, crisply fried bread, dipped in a sugar syrup and topped with rabri and Fruit Kheer made of various diced fruits in rabri were the favorites of the group. Can vouch for both. 

Shahi Tukda

Fruit Kheer

All in all, a decent experience. None of the dishes were bad; yet, Lila fails to impress you with a signature dish that beckons you.
Cannot comment on VFM for a tasting session.