Saturday, September 22, 2012

Vinayaka Chavithi/Ganesh puja : the preparations

Our Ganesha this year

Ganesha after our puja


Let me add a disclaimer even before I start writing this post.
I am not a person who is regularly into the traditional pujas and stuff. For me, God is everywhere and I pray wherever and whenever I feel the need to have a conversation with Him
I celebrate all our festivals by wearing new clothes, preparing sweets and a longer prayer than usual. But if there is one puja/festival that is done with great zeal, it is Vinayaka Chaturthi.When praying to this God, one does not ask for riches or any other generous gifts. All that we ask is removal of obstacles on the path to our intended goals
This post is for all infrequent worshipers like me who want to follow the traditional path once in a while but are not conversant with the preparations. Provided below, a check-list of all things that need to be bought or readied as it is considered inappropriate to get up in the middle of performing the puja. If I have left out anything, do let me know. Probably, the same method is used by all South Indians.
We need two of everything as we worship the pasupu vinayakudu first and repeat the puja with the actual idol.

No: Telugu  English  Quantity

1 Pasupu Turmeric
One is not supposed to ask 'how much' for Pasupu and Kumkuma. Their supply ought to be limitless.

Kumkuma Vermillion

3 Doodi  Cotton Two for each family member who performs puja To make Vattulu, Vastramlu, Yagnyopaveetamlu: (Wicks, clothes, sacred thread)
4 Gandham/Chandanam Sandalwood paste One teaspoon
5 Akashantalu Sacred rice Half cup Rice and a pinch of turmeric powder mixed with half teaspoon of water or a drop of oil
6 Agarbattullu Incense Sticks Two for each family member who performs puja
7 Karpooram Camphor

8 Aku- Vakka Betel leaf and Betel Nut Ten  of each
9 Panchamrutam Translated as a nectar made of five liquids Half-cup A mix of milk, sugar, ghee, honey and curd
10 Neellu Water Half glass for each family member who performs puja Insert spoon in each glass
11 Deepamulu Lamps Two Deepam to be filled with oil. Light them at the beginning of puja
12 Puvvullu Flowers About 250 grams for each family member who performs the pooja Any kind, one of which may be a lotus
13 Aakulu Leaves To use 21 varieties if possible, but I make do with 5 Of these, one that is compulsorily  used is grass. I try to include leaves of fruit-bearing trees like guava, jamun
14 Pallu for naivedyam Fruits as offering No limit but at least one per family member if possible Banana is considered Ganesha's favorite. Coconut is compulsory. And any other fruit that you want to offer
15 Jilledakayalu An Indian sweet
A sweet made of rice flour is compulsorily made for this puja
16 Vinayakudi vigraham Ganesha Idol One Available in the markets a day before or can easily be made with clay (link)
17 Pasupu Vinayakudu Ganesha idol made of turmeric paste One A few drops of water added to turmeric powder and shaped into a small mound
18 Data needed at the beginning of puja

Name of the Telugu year, the tithi, name of the week, your name, surname and your gothram
A camera

Gods and pujas have to be uploaded to Face book and other social networks (Sigh!)


RamaWish said...

:) I liked the last item in the list more.. Camera LOL! i dinno about it before... :) :) :) Now will surely do that every year...

Beautiful World said...

Changing times! What to do?
When son got up to fetch camera, realized that this has to be added too :)

RamaWish said...

Ah that techy Boy!

Beautiful World said...


Harini said...

your ganesha idol is so cute :)

btw loved your blog!

Beautiful World said...

Thank you so much for liking my blog, Harini.
Yeah, I was lucky to get that Ganesha idol last year. Went green this year by buying one without paints.

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