Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pizzas at White House

I hadn't ever been to the White House before, neither of them, our Begumpet one nor its more famous namesake in the US, that is :)
Well, egged on by a  review of Pizzas there, we decided to visit one of these outlets.
For people like me who haven't been to the eateries at the White House, let me tell you that it looks more like a  bazaar set up at one of our Hyderabadi exhibitions, only with far fewer people at each of these stalls. Starting from the entrance to the exit, you have these mini outlets going all around the ground floor. Most of them stand- and-eat types or those which encourage a take-away. Now that you have the ambience visualized, here's the rest of the story.

I had read about a 'Viva Italia' here, a place supposed to dish out Italian stuff. But if you assume that the fare is as grandiose as the name, there is nothing far from truth. It isn't. A tastier and more interesting Italian food was found in the more honestly named 'Grabz.' . The name of the restaurant doesn't really have your expectations soaring, yet dishing out some awesome vegetarian Italian stuff.
Well, Viva Italia serves both, veg and non-veg. It has only one selection in veg pizza and one each in pasta (red and white sauce). They also have sandwiches and toast. There are also the ice creams and shakes which are actually no great shakes :)
So, why do I write about this tiny eatery? One, their thin crust pizzas are truly enjoyable. Very thinly rolled out, right in front of you and crisply baked. Two, there is a lot of sincerity of effort to make this newly started outlet work and to adhere to a standard. When the owner is not around, though, the workmen there are at sea and need to be asked several questions before you can place an order.
The fare for the two of us was Rs. 275/- for a shared Pizza, a Bread Toast, a soft drink and one dessert each.
Go here if you are in a quick-snack mood and not for a sit-in leisurely dining experience. The pizzas are a must-try and hopefully the rest of the fare does pick up fast.