Thursday, February 23, 2012

I wish

I wish I had this magic switch which when turned on every night, puts me to sleep within an hour of going to bed and automatically wakes me up after 8 hours. How refreshing such sleep would be!  :)


Unknown said...

I suggest you could try shavaasana.. good to get a sleep.. Your writings have a depth in it. I am now regular on reading it.. Never knew a friend like you had a unfathomable other side.. love reading your blogs.. keep writing and as i said try publishing your writings. Could you read the anthology site. do let me know if i have to send again.. Best wishes Jay.

Beautiful World said...

Tried everything for a good stretch but end up sleeping at weird times :(

"unfathomable other side..." Guess every person has a Hyde and Jekyll within :).
Appreciate the time that you give to reading my blog.